Hugo Rodrigues, Portugal

Managing Editor
Francesca Baccino, PAGEPress Office, Italy


Earthquake and Volcano Research is a new Open Access online-only, peer-reviewed journal publishing original manuscripts, authoritative reviews and opinion papers dealing with all aspects (e.g., observational, modeling and applied) of research in seismology and volcanology.
Earthquake and Volcano Research will publish research papers concerning:
Seismology: Tectonics, earthquake prediction, seismicity, seismotectonics, historical seismicity, geodynamics studies, geothermal research, engineering seismology, fault systems, triggered and induced seismicity, mining seismology, physics of earthquakes, and seismic processes.
Volcanology: Historical volcanism, volcanic seismology, volcanic activity, volcanic eruptions, active and non-active volcanoes, prediction of volcanic eruption, petrology, magmas, geochemistry of volcanoes.

This journal is fully Open Access, it has no submission fee and no article processing charge. All papers are immediately published as soon as they have been accepted, by adding them to the "current" volume's Table of Contents.

Looking for rapid publication? Fair peer-review? Immediate indexing?  Submit your paper to our journal!  Inaugural issue will be published in next September.