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PAGEPress is an Italian media company which has been developing services for the international medical community since 1992. The growing achievement of the OpenAccess concept in the scientific community and the awareness that still few specialized professional organizations are currently on the market, led us to create the PAGEPress brand, with the main purpose to reach the widest possible circulation of the scientific research in a cost-effectively advantageous approach either for authors, libraries or Scientific Societies. Our goal is to become an international publisher and provider as far as the OpenAccess scientific journals are concerned, in a variety of science fields as medicine, biology, zoology, agriculture, and others. PAGEPress offers a platform specialized into the online-only publication of scientific journals: besides our own journals (already started on or in debut phase), we are taking care of the switching process of some traditional journals towards the OpenAccess model. PAGEPress journals always undergo a high-quality peer-review system and the articles are published online as far as they are accepted; furthermore, they are as well distributed among main online directories (such as Medline, DOAJ, PubMedCentral, and others) enabling them to reach a worldwide accessibility. The publication model adopted by PAGEPress is the so called “authors-pay”: the authors are requested to correspond PAGEPress with the costs of first publication and they keep their article Copyright. Therefore, all possible commercial uses of the article are to be settled with the authors themselves. Our offer includes the following key points: · Registration and maintenance of a second level domain dedicated to your journal on our servers (i.e. · Fully-integrated platform for the whole publishing process (from submission to peer-review, to publication and indexing, DOIs, online directories, etc.), available 24-hrs via Internet by using a high-level “users and roles” system (editors, reviewers, authors, etc.). · Editorial office devoted to the managing and checking of the whole process. · Journal distribution and indexing via integrated systems, such as OAI harvesting and sector-specialized indexes. · Highly-professional mother-tongue copyediting for each article needing linguistic/structural revision. · Marketing strategies, both online and to events as congresses, conferences and meetings. In practice, the journal willing to switch to our online-only publication system won’t print its articles any longer and will be able to publish them online as soon as they are accepted (of course when the peer-review, copyediting, layout, proofs and payment steps are completed). To all published articles the DOI will be immediately assigned and they will be indexed into the online available directories. PAGEPress can as well hand out printed materials and tools at conferences/meeting of special interest, to promote journal circulation.

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